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Supporting International Communication by Providing the Finest Interpreting Services
It is said that the most-accurate and clearest simultaneous interpreting occurs when the first-class interpreters work together as a team. With that in mind, Simul's experienced staff selects for each project a team of interpreters who are perfectly suited to the content of the project and the interpreting conditions, so as to provide each client with the best-possible services.

Since its establishment in 1998, Simul has contributed to international communications by providing simultaneous interpreting at G-8 summit conferences and other key meetings. We will continue to deliver interpreting services of the highest quality to both the public and private sectors at all types of gatherings—from critical government negotiations to symposia and seminars in a variety of fields, from corporate executive meetings for multinational corporations to international business discussions and new product launches.

Simul also offers post-conference services, including the transcription of cassette recordings of conference proceedings and the drafting of minutes.

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