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Creating an Optimal Interpreting Environment Using State-of-the-Art Equipment

Simul Technical Communications (SimulTech) is a specialized interpreting equipment company that applies Simul International's extensive experience and know-how in simultaneous interpreting to offer a broad range of interpreting systems and other conference equipment.

SimulTech's basic service concept is to provide global-standard audio services for conferences. The company offers equipment consulting services that consider the needs of speakers, audiences, and interpreters, and provides the optimum simultaneous interpreting system for each meeting.

SimulTech's state-of-the-art equipment offers high performance under a range of conditions, ensuring that audiences can hear interpreters clearly. Moreover, we constantly upgrade our interpreting systems based on interpreters' feedback. We also dispatch our highly experienced engineers to further support the smooth running of conferences and events. In a field where technical specifications and know-how sometimes tend to take a front seat, SimulTech's engineers are committed to offering people-friendly services that satisfy conference hosts, interpreters, speakers, and audience members.